Our heartfelt prayers go out to our neighbors in both North and South Carolina that have been directly impacted by Hurricane Florence, or the flooding from the heavy rains.  We stand ready to ship both mPerial Disinfectant for cleanup and decontamination, or mPale, for the prevention of mold on interior surfaces.

​For immediate assistance in ordering, please email us at and we will follow up ASAP.


custom blending

mPact offers custom formulations and products for private labeling.

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A note about post storm cleanup:

mPact is aware of the difficulties in shipping products to some of the areas that have been hardest hit by the recent storms.  We commonly ship by Fedex ground or UPS ground.  Please note in some areas we may have to arrange shipments to the hardest hit areas though FEMA. 


mPact applies cutting edge antimicrobials to protect a wide variety of building types.


mPact conducts on site testing for mold and bacterial contamination in both residential and commercial settings.

mPact offers a full line of antimicrobial and cleaning products that serve consumers across the globe.

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